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Quality of Life

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Ortho-k, also known as our Gentle shaping system, is incredibly successful in treating and slowing the progression of myopia. These lenses are especially effective at slowing progressive myopia in children around the world. This research-backed technology changes the lives of its patients––both children and adults.

A recent study, which was quoted in the October 2018 issue of Review of Optometry, surveyed 100 children who were being treated with overnight Orthokeratology. The children were asked 20 questions about their Quality of Life at the start of their treatment and after 3 months of wear. The questions gauged several aspects of their lives, such as their symptoms, entertainment, academics, and emotions. Their answers revealed significant differences after just a short duration of treatment.

“Very powerful and life-changing”––these are the words which the researchers used to describe the children’s experiences with Ortho-k. Children using Ortho-k tended to be much more active in sports, which prolonged their outdoor activity time. As an additional benefit, studies have shown that increased outdoor activity has a positive effect in slowing the progression of myopia.

The children in the study said that they were “more confident and willing to try new things [and] more confident about their academic performance!” This renewed confidence results from Ortho-k lenses’ elimination of the need to wear daytime glasses.

Dr. Rob Gerowitz is one of only 130 Ortho-k fellows in the world, and he is proud to specialize in this life-changing treatment. To see if the Gentle Shaping System can improve your child’s Quality of Life, contact Dr. Gerowitz’s office at (847) 705-7777 or to schedule a free consultation today!