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Blue Light Protection

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Are you getting the blue light protection you need?

We are privileged to live in an advanced age where digital devices and other gadgets are within arm’s reach. Today, these devices make our daily interactions so much easier, safer, and more convenient. However, while these technological innovations present many positive effects to our everyday lives, a more dangerous side exists, especially when it comes to our vision. Blue light, also known as high-energy visible light, is emitted by digital devices. This can pose a serious threat to eye health by causing eyestrain, frequent headaches and blurry vision. Even more alarming, exposure to blue light has the potential to increase the risk of macular degeneration over time.

Blue Light Protection: Our Solutions

Owning laptops, tablets, and smartphones doesn’t mean you’ll be significantly affected by blue light. There are several ways to live in the digital world and still maintain a good eyesight. One is by making sure to follow the 20-20-20 rule, especially if you’re surrounded by computer screens while at work. For every 20 minutes staring at a digital screen, focus your attention to an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This can help balance the light viewed by your eyes, preventing headaches and blurry vision. Do this repeatedly to give your eyes ample time to rest and change focus.

Here at our eye care clinic in Palatine, Illinois we also highly recommend the use of glasses with anti-reflective coatings to filter out harmful blue light. They are ideal for patients who use computers and other devices for an extended period like gaming, hobbies and school or work-related tasks. Before prescribing a lens, Dr. Gerowitz and Dr. Kubicki will first assess your eyes through an in-depth exam to know which options are right for you. He will then present you with the glasses with special coating for your blue light protection.

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